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Meet the Best Estimating Professionals in Steel Estimating Services

If you’re seeking for reliable expert for steel estimating services you’ve come to the correct place. We are a prominent organization in the United States that provides efficient and accurate structural steel estimation. We have been offering cost-effective, efficient, and value-added services. Our organization is supervised by engineering specialists with extensive expertise in designing, estimating, and completing construction estimates for high-rise structures and bridges.
We at Bidding Estimating have a single goal: to assist steel erectors in making the transition to the digital world. Do you know Why? In today’s world, we can all agree that it has become increasingly difficult to live and work in a paper-based world. Do you recall how life was before mobile phones and fax machines? On that note, why are you still estimating the old-fashioned way?
It’s simple: whether you work as an estimator or in the steel erection sector, our software is a lifesaver. You can reduce the time it takes you to estimate by half. Secondly, help your new estimators bid on tasks as quickly and accurately as you do by putting what you know “out of your brain.”
We focus on the wonderful fundamental principles of honesty, integrity, and dependability. We provide the finest services and cover all elements of steel structure design, pricing, procurement, fabrication, and installation.
Metal estimating services are provided to contractors, fabricators, framers, distributors, and a variety of other customers. Creating confirmed and accurate material takeoffs reduce costs, prevents waste, and protects the environment. So, get in touch with us if you need advice on steel estimates.

Take Benefits of Our Expert Structural Steel Estimating Services!

A well-executed project cost estimate helps to reduce project costs and keep the project on track. So, our experts will determine the most appropriate pricing quotation for your job. Costs for raw materials, installation accessories, and fabrication are what we add to it.
Our steel detailers understand the production process and the methods used by our fabricators, such as sophisticated machining and welding.

What Makes Us A Good Choice?

Our estimating and steel detailing team has extensive technical knowledge as well as detailing and estimation expertise. Our metal fabricators and steel erectors will closely collaborate with them to provide you with an accurate estimate. It will help you to arrange your time and finances more effectively.
So, for accurate estimations, precise steel takeoffs are required.
Materials takeoffs are crucial to providing accurate and excellent estimates. So, if the exact number of raw components, or structural steel products, isn’t known, it is impossible to provide an accurate price quotation. In order to fabricate it, you will need this material.
Our estimators and detailers are skilled at interpreting technical data from drawings and plans. Also, they are well-versed in all aspects of the manufacturing process.
They can always acquire an accurate reference from our metal fabricators since they operate under one roof with the steel fabricators. This method of Structural Steel Cost Estimation enables our estimation team to produce highly precise estimation reports and provide you with correct information.
A full steel detailing is the foundation of an accurate steel construction estimate and aids in keeping your project expenses to a minimum.

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We Provide Accurate Structural Steel Takeoff Services at Reasonable Prices.

Metals Estimating services is a technical procedure that involves creating a thorough design of a structure. It must be done with extreme precision and accuracy since a mistake in it might result in significant financial damages for the customer. So, you’re seeking a steel estimation service that will give reliable estimates at a reasonable price. The best place to start is with Bidding Estimating. We provide onsite quotations, material takeoffs, and shop drawings, among other steel estimation services.
All steel estimation requirements are what our highly trained staff of certified estimators handle. Also, to provide excellent services to your company, we have the skills and instruments necessary.

How much of a project can we handle?

General Contractors, Subcontractors, Architects, and Developers receive takeoff services from a dedicated team of estimators, available to assist them in any way they may need. With many years of experience in the estimation business, Bidding Professionals have completed hundreds of projects. They range from simple single-family homes to high-rise buildings with multi-million-dollar budgets. Also, the availability of experienced estimators allows us to handle projects of any size and complexity.
We adhere to international standards.
We are here to offer you one of the best steel estimating services as we adhere to international standards.


  • ACI

  • ASTM

  • CRSI

  • RSIO

What Process We Follow?

With an assessment of the site and building plans, we offer advice and regulatory compliance help. Also, To help you calculate the cost of your structural steel project accurately, we offer an estimation service. So, before we finish the cost estimate, we do extensive research on the project and consult with our specialists to guarantee that the cost calculation is done accurately.
With our years of expertise in this industry, we have successfully estimated projects for various contractors by providing them with accurate and inexpensive estimates. We have skilled, knowledgeable, and personable estimators working for us. After listening to what you have to say about your project and understanding your needs, they will recommend the best solution for you.

What Makes Us the Best Provider?

We are a team of professionals in Bidding Estimating that are ready to deliver precise estimates. Data has been accumulated, research has been conducted, and new product solutions have been designed for our clients. We are always developing and upgrading, with a continuous emphasis on shortening the process of getting your project up and running and keeping it working well!
On-time and within budget, we provide first-rate services that differentiate us from our competitors. As well as being certified, we have been accredited by other organizations as we offer them steel estimating services.

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Are you ready to begin? Let’s get started doing what we do best to provide you with steel estimating services. You will save time and energy by not doing it yourself.

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What is the process we follow for handling large projects?

In addition to working for property owners, engineers, architects, and general contractors, our estimators have worked for architects and engineers as well. By allocating a dedicated estimator to your project, we ensure that you are always supported.
As a result, we can help you offer structural steel estimate services for projects of any scale and complexity. We prioritize accuracy. Our estimators guarantee that they are as accurate as possible. It is regardless of project size, by focusing on more than simply providing you accurate estimates.
Even tiny errors in your estimate might have a negative impact on your company’s bottom line. Our steel Cost Estimators provide an automatic method for avoiding expensive errors and ensuring that you do not lose money.
It is all about having a numerical piece of mind while using our metal and steel solutions for construction estimations. They reduce human mistakes while increasing project profitability and cost-efficiency. Say goodbye to inaccurate estimations and their negative consequences once and for all!
Why not put our services to the test? We can’t wait to show you a demo and show you how to properly estimate steel erection and metal construction projects. In order to work on it, schedule it online. Furthermore, What do you think about this leaving it to the specialists implies a lower margin of error and more money in your pocket.

Our Steel Estimating Services

About our services

Takeoffs are comprehensive estimates of the time and money required to finish a building project. In the preliminary stages of building, an estimator creates these. This method entails segmenting the job into smaller, more manageable chunks that can be more precisely measured or estimated.

The phrase takeoff refers to the process of identifying pieces of building activities that can be measured and priced. For this reason, after the design is finished and a specification is written, it is time to begin creating bills of quantities. We use the latest software to offer you Lumber Takeoff Services.

The effort and money invested in the building are enormous. Construction jobs provide millions of jobs and billions of dollars annually. As a result of the money and lives at stake, it is crucial to have successful takeoffs.

The construction sector is very cutthroat and needs meticulous attention to detail. It takes a great deal of expertise and time to prepare a wooden plan and building estimates prior to being hired. Your time is valuable and has the potential to improve spending and expand your company.
We can take your layout specs and provide cost estimates for costumes that will help you outbid the competition and be paid more than you expected.
Wall alignment, building methods, transportation, timber, temporary breaking and ability, labor expenses, material prices, and a thorough awareness of all of these factors are just a few of the many that must be taken into account when estimating your wood and lumber needs. In the woods, even the smallest miscalculation or overestimation might cost you money or lose opportunities.
If you need a precise wood estimate for an impending household or business plan, you should contact estimating first. Many of the world’s smallest for largest building projects started with us preparing a wooden framework. Collectively, our staff of skilled estimators has decades of expertise in the building industry. Moreover, we are aware that preparing estimates for building projects entail a comprehensive timber plan. We use cutting-edge estimate technologies to guarantee an error-free layout and precise quantification of all components. So, hiring our Lumber Takeoff Services is what you have to do.