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Commercial Estimating Services

Commercial Estimating Services

Cost estimating is crucial to ensure that the construction project is completed in the stipulated period. Are you an architect, contractor, or developer? If yes, it is essential to get precise commercial estimates. Further, it helps fully understand the cost-effectiveness, project feasibility, and lucrative returns on investment. Otherwise, inaccurate estimates can lead to project delays, cost overruns, and other logistical and financial challenges.
Don’t worry about commercial cost estimations anymore! You’re indeed at the right place.
At bidding estimating, we are here to help our clients by providing the most reliable commercial construction estimating services. Our skilled estimators accurately assess cost breakdowns of commercial projects. Consequently, it enables them to make well-informed decisions regarding financial feasibility and investments.
In short, our experts can assist your business in managing your financial estimates. We ensure to provide our clients with effective project management and enhanced project planning.

We Provide Accurate And Reliable Commercial Cost Estimates

Welcome to bidding estimating, where we aim to turn your construction ideas into reality. We are your trusted partners, offering phenomenal commercial construction estimating assistance. Besides, our team of qualified professionals ensures to redefine efficiency and accuracy in the world of estimating.
We are not just limited to estimates. But we can also raise your construction desires to new heights.
Our estimators have expertise in delivering accurate and reliable estimates for industrial, commercial, and residential projects. Furthermore, our team employs the latest software technology for error-free cost breakdowns.
The software used by our estimators includes the following:

  • FastPIPE
  • Bluebeam
  • Planswift
  • RS Means
  • Xactimate
  • Trimble
  • Cost Works Value
  • Quest Estimating
  • FastDUCT

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Types Of Commercial Estimating Services Offered

Bidding estimating is one of the most relied commercial estimating company in the United States. We specialize in providing our clients with accurate commercial estimates in various industries. Aside from that, you will get detailed commercial cost estimations from us.
We offer the following types of commercial estimation services:

Preliminary Estimates

Whether these are construction, industrial or residential projects, contractors always want to get accurate estimates. Hence, we bring the preliminary estimate solution for them. Our experts create correct preliminary estimates based on detailed and complete design plans. However, we need to access your project requirements to furnish more concise budget breakdowns.

Conceptual Estimates

Additionally, we also offer conceptual estimation support to our potential customers. In this, our experts will provide you with rough conceptual estimates of the cost of your construction project. Moreover, such estimates are based on crucial information, such as preliminary sketches or plans. Further, you can employ conceptual estimates to produce an initial budgetary estimation.

Detailed Estimates

Get comprehensive type of cost estimates with the help of our detailed estimation assistance. In fact, this is the inclusive form of breakdown that includes all costs linked with the project. For instance, it may be labor cost, equipment cost, material cost, and other expenses. Besides, you can use such detailed estimates to create a final budget plan for the project.

How Our Commercial Estimators Work On Your Project?

We know how precious your time is. Therefore, we endeavor to provide a quick turnaround time. This makes us the best and most notable commercial estimating company in the US.
Besides, our estimators follow the following procedure to work on your project:

  • Before starting the estimation process, we create a meeting of experts to discuss project requirements.
  • After reviewing the project documentation, our professionals import the plan using advanced software. They measure the scales and dimensions to take off the quantities.
  • Once done with on-screen takeoffs, estimators export all the material quantities to Spreadsheets.
  • Lastly, the lead commercial estimator conducts a cross-check to ensure quality control and assurance of your project deliverables.

At Bidding Estimating, We Promise:

We have successfully served contractors, subcontractors, and owners with industrial, residential, or construction projects.
At bidding estimating, we promise to provide you with the following:

  • Easily accessible reports
  • Guaranteed confidentiality
  • Colored marked project drawings
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Market-competitive rates
  • Accurate and detailed estimates
  • Experienced commercial estimator team with full credibility
  • 24/7 chat support/Email

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Many Architects and Contractors Trust Us Because of Our Timely Commercial Estimation Services. We Expect the Same From You Too.

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Do you want precise cost estimations for your commercial project? Don’t bother! Because we’ve completely got you covered. All you have to do is to share your project scope and plans with us.
Follow the three simpler steps given below:

Step 1

Submit your project plans to us through email at
Apart from this, you can choose any convenient method for that purpose.

Step 2

Before commencing, we will briefly quote our commercial construction cost estimating services. Meanwhile, our estimators will thoroughly analyze your project, considering various factors like complexity, scope, etc.

Step 3

Finally, our expert estimators will perform a meticulous commercial takeoff services. Once completed, we will provide you with final estimations in either a Spreadsheet or PDF.

Our Commercial Estimating Service FAQs

About our services

Average commercial estimation cost ranges from $25 to $35 per square footage, including foundation and delivery of the construction. However, if you require additional finishing, such as facade customization or insulation. Then, the price may rise by almost $55 per square footage.

Commercial estimating services offer various advantages. For example, they help streamline your project budgeting, facilitate market-competitive bidding, and mitigate risks. Furthermore, it also maximizes profitability and ensures project compliance with regulations.

Your commercial estimations will involve analyzing project requirements, gathering data, and creating comprehensive cost estimation. Estimators can foresee potential risks and challenges. Therefore, they ensure to cover every aspect of your project within budget.

Our team of professional estimators is fully accredited and certified. Additionally, they know how to provide you with the most perfect cost breakdowns. Our experts also have extensive knowledge of using different modern software to ensure 100% accuracy.