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Quantity Takeoff Services

Quantity Takeoff Services

Quantity takeoffs help general contractors and home builders estimate their project’s total cost and perform efficiently. These data reports detail the attributes and quantities of materials entailed to complete the project.
Furthermore, with the help of accurate quantity takeoffs, you can place more successful bids.
Don’t worry about taking off quantities accurately. We’ve brought an effective solution for you.
At bidding estimating, we have a qualified team of estimators to offer the best quantity takeoff services. We provide the precise quantity takeoffs and estimations for labor, material items, and accessories needed to develop a building project. On top of that, we have successfully estimated hundreds or even thousands of construction projects for years.
Our expert estimators can assist you in reducing overhead costs, winning more bids, and increasing revenue. Besides, we can help you streamline your quantity estimating process.

Precision and Efficiency in Every Takeoff

Are you in search of precise and efficient construction quantity takeoff services? Look no further than bidding estimating! Our capable team of experts is here to facilitate quick turnaround times, cost-effective solutions, and accurate estimates. Apart from that, we ensure to complete your project smoothly right from start to finish.
We are your trusted source for efficient and precise quantity takeoff assistance.

Precision and Accuracy

We use the latest-tech software, such as RS Means, and a pricing database to provide error-free estimates. Additionally, our estimators double-check takeoffs before delivering to you.

Man Hours and Labor Costs

Besides material estimates, we also calculate accurate labor costs and man hours, if needed. It will assist you in effectively negotiating with subcontractors and planning resources efficiently.

Marked Up Plans

Our expert team completes your quantity takeoffs with proper marked-up plans. In addition, you will get detailed project drawings having a clear idea of the estimated materials and quantities.

Unparalleled Expertise

We have years of experience across the United States construction sector. For this reason, we have diversified knowledge in successfully catering to a range of projects, including renovations.

Efficiency With Digital Material Takeoffs

We excel in digital software. It enables our professionals to takeoff the quantities efficiently using the point-and-click strategy. Further, we ensure to eliminate manual calculation error risks.

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Why Us for Your Quantity Takeoff Needs?

Outsourcing our professional quantity takeoff services is the best way to advance your business. It enables you to focus on other core aspects of your project. At the same time, you will get the most accurate quantity estimations. You should choose us as we offer the following:


Bidding estimating provides the most affordable estimating and takeoff solutions. Because our estimator team uses advanced tools and software available, ensuring value and accuracy. As a result, you can ultimately save money on inaccurate quantity takeoffs.

Fast Turnaround Times

Furthermore, we offer fast turnaround times in our takeoff services. For example, our streamlined process enables you to turn your construction projects around quickly. Besides, our estimators don’t compromise quality when performing takeoffs.

Maximized Productivity

If you want to maximize your productivity, you must hire our professional services. By collaborating with us, you can get precise estimates. Additionally, you can perform other important tasks of your project while increasing revenue.

Increased Efficiency

Being the best quantity takeoff company, we aim to bring efficiency to our work. It doesn’t matter whether you want quantity takeoffs for residential or commercial projects. Because we ensure to streamline your estimation and takeoff process with accuracy and efficacy.

What We Offer in Quantity Takeoff Services

Our estimators provide the most reliable quantity takeoff services for construction projects. Moreover, we deliver quantity takeoffs for every sector, including medical, senior living, commercial, educational, hospitality, and others. What we offer in our quantity takeoffs include:

Preliminary Takeoffs

Take informed business decisions and make better plans with our preliminary takeoff services. Additionally, our estimators will generate takeoffs with basic construction sketches or drawings.

Budgetary Takeoffs

Further, our budgetary takeoff assistance provides estimates based on schematic designs or preliminary design concepts. Consequently, it can help you run a cost comparison analysis.

Preconstruction Takeoffs

No matter which industry you are in, we provide accurate preconstruction takeoffs in the Excel sheet document set. Further, these quantity takeoffs can assist you in verifying or winning bids.

The Benefits of Choosing Our Quantity Takeoff Services

Some crucial benefits of investing in our quantity takeoff and estimations include the following:

  • We have a well-established takeoff process to deliver efficient and precise estimates
  • Our team can easily handle complex projects so that you can make the right decisions on time
  • We employ powerful and advanced software to provide the most accurate results
  • You can get professional cost estimator advice with a proper consultative approach
  • We respond immediately and come up with fast and timely turnaround times

How Does Our Process Work?

Despite all the above facts, our experts conduct the material takeoff process step-by-step:

  • The initial process is critical because it helps direct how much material quantities you need for the project. Therefore, our experts first review the whole plan to provide accurate takeoffs.
  • In the second step, our estimators employ digital blueprints for counting and listing the required materials. In short, blueprints help picture your project by overviewing the material amounts.
  • Next, professionals calculate the key aspects that make up the construction project. Furthermore, they measure efficiently to avoid too low or too high quantity estimations.
  • Once estimators measure the materials, they will estimate the total material amount and quantity needed. It is an essential step that helps ensure that the project is completed on time.
  • When everything is done correctly, experts will provide the final accurate quantity takeoffs.

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Reach Us For a Free Consultation

You just need to follow the three simple steps to avail of our quantity takeoff support:

  1. Submit your project drawing plans to us at Or you can also call us at +1 (703) 794-2732.
  2. We will provide you with a quote based on the delivery date, invoice, and turnaround time. However, you can pay us via Debit card, PayPal, or Credit card.
  3. You will get the final quantity estimations in Spreadsheets.

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More About Us

There are two methods to take off quantities, manually and digitally. However, using the manual method can cause some errors in the estimates. Therefore, our expert estimators use the latest technology software, like RS Means, for accurate and correct quantity takeoffs.

Quantity takeoff can be time-consuming if you want it to be detailed and accurate. Rushing out can either result in missing or unidentified quantities. However, the takeoff completion time depends on how small or large your project is. Therefore, bidding estimating experts ensure to offer fast and timely delivery of your quantity takeoffs.

In our quantity takeoff services, our estimators will perform quantity takeoff of every material needed for your construction project. Furthermore, it will comprise the equipment quantity and total labor cost required to finish the project promptly.
We are a worldwide provider of Quantity Takeoff Services. Put the stress of bid-watching behind you. Allow us to perform the quantity takeoff while you concentrate on other aspects of your projects. We are a Quantity Surveying firm that can assist you in putting together a Bill of Quantities for your upcoming bid or existing project.

There is no hard and fast rule to approach us. You can get in touch with us by making an instant call at +1 (703) 794-2732. However, it would also help if you email us at