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For general contractors, architects, engineers, developers, subcontractors, and owners, we provide precise Quantity Takeoff Services. We believe in offering quality, not just estimates, and we help our clients by providing accurate estimates, takeoff, and timely completion of projects.
For many years, we’ve provided our services to the building sector. When it comes to expert estimation and takeoff, we are without parallel. To ensure the highest level of precision, our trained staff employs cutting-edge technologies to calculate potential expenses. The turnaround time for our services is unmatched in the business, and our prices are among the lowest in the field.

Quantity takeoffs, also known as construction takeoffs, are an integral part of the process of predicting building costs. Quantity takeoffs are a crucial part of every thorough estimate, no matter the size of the project. They help contractors keep their profits up and provide them with a better idea of what the project will really cost. During the estimating process, general contractors, subcontractors, quantity surveyors, and estimators regularly create Material takeoff services.
As a crucial element of the overall cost estimating process, quantity takeoffs are an absolute must for building projects of almost any scale. Quantity takeoff data is combined with other factors like labor expenses, office overhead, and subcontractor prices to get a comprehensive estimate. Leases of necessary tools and machinery.

Arguments for choosing us to carry out your Quantity Takeoff

If you’re wondering why you should choose us, here are some of the reasons. To do this, we’ve enlisted the aid of a robust conceptual quantity and material takeoff estimation program. As part of a larger project, you will utilize this data to compile a comprehensive Excel sheet from the available information and then distribute it to your suppliers for cost estimates.
Once the most accurate numbers are compiled, we will provide our clients with an estimated price for the whole job. It’s worth noting that our professional building cost estimators will employ accurate techniques and a broad perspective to arrive at a precise preliminary price, not just a wild guess. You may put your faith in our ability to foresee material, labor, and market costs because of our extensive expertise. As a seasoned quantity surveying firm, we know how crucial precise pricing is for building projects. Construction management and cost management are two sides of the same coin. Since your in-house team is best at estimating costs, this is the primary justification for outsourcing your takeoff.

We provide precise Quantity Takeoff Services valuable to get more projects.


What do our quantity takeoff services entail?

We can provide you with the most reliable quantity takeoff service for use in developing bills of quantities and tender estimates, thanks to our team of seasoned Quantity Surveyors. Subtracting numbers from drawings requires close supervision and careful attention to detail. Inaccuracies in the quantity takeoff will result in an inaccurate cost estimate. If you are given the grant, you will incur a financial loss.
That’s why it’s crucial to do a quantity takeoff in order to have a good idea of the total price.

Quantity takeoff is a service we provide to construction industry professionals, including architects, engineers, and contractors. Here are the services we offer.

  • Takeoff of material requirements for buildings and their components.

  • Takeoff of M&E quantities as a service.

  • Quantity estimation by hand.

  • Software-assisted quantity takeoff.

  • Case quantity takeoff is a feature.

  • Quantity takeoff for residential and commercial projects.

We have experience in these kinds of projects. Please get in touch if you need a freelance Quantity Surveyor for your building project. We have completed a wide variety of projects as Quantity surveyors all across the globe. You should hire for All trades major trades with Takeoffs.

Get to know reasons to pick our Quantity Takeoff Services.

  • Knowledge of the construction industry as a whole, including the tender stage;

  • Knowledge of the construction process, including the tender stage;

  • Experience leading the tender team for many projects;

  • Knowledge of the construction process, including the tender stage;

  • Experience delivering quantity takeoff projects across the world.

Overview of the Procedure

  • To create a new account, visit the sign-up page.

  • Service requests are submitted online from your control panel and should include at least some details about the maintenance you want. Then, a small fee is assessed to cover initial costs.

  • We provide you a link to a work order sheet ahead of time, which contains the details you need to get the product that works best with your company’s processes.

  • As soon as your work order form is received, you will be given a URL or FTP details (to accommodate designs of varying sizes) to upload your blueprints.

  • Once the takeoff is complete, you will get a notification on your control panel to check the completed takeoff worksheet.

  • After finishing up, you may end the timesheet and get an electronic invoice for any remaining balance through our Quantity Takeoff Services.

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Precise Quantity Takeoff Services valuable to get more projects.

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Get to Know the answers of some top questions regarding services of quantity takeoff & estimations.


Quantity takeoff will give you not only the material quantities required but also inputs like skilled labor and equipment hours. This implies quantity takeoff is also important for engaging specialized subcontractors or renting equipment.

It is common to practice in construction to do a quantity takeoff to determine what materials would be needed for a job. There is a great deal of detail and complexity in the quantity takeoff. However, it is essential to have a detailed estimate. The quantity takeoff is the first stage in arriving at a comprehensive estimate since it feeds the detailed estimate.

Converting blueprints into data or taking off quantities from drawings is called “a takeoff or a quantity takeoff.” The first step is to make an accurate inventory of all the resources required for the project and translate that number into a cost that can be used to generate a quotation or establish a budget.
We are a worldwide provider of Quantity Takeoff Services. Put the stress of bid-watching behind you. Allow us to perform the quantity takeoff while you concentrate on other aspects of your projects. We are a Quantity Surveying firm that can assist you in putting together a Bill of Quantities for your upcoming bid or existing project.

Yes, it is feasible to design your construction estimate since we have adequate expertise in all various phases of the project development. Some of our customers merely have a preliminary concept of their projects, and we may quote appropriately.