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Preliminary Estimating Services

The preliminary estimation services are very important to ensure the utter success of any construction project. It helps customers make accurate evaluations about the compatibility and viability of the project.
Are you in search of a reliable preliminary estimation of costs for your project? Look no more! Because you’ve landed at the right place!
At bidding estimating, we provide the most precise preliminary square footage cost estimation in the US in the stipulated time. Aside from that, our experts have years of expertise in the AEC industry. We are always up for challenging tasks.
Our estimators make accurate estimations using expert estimating databases or software, including RS Means. However, the cost estimation time may vary depending on the project’s complexity. You can also get material takeoff assistance from our preliminary experts.
Furthermore, we can help you build strong relationships with your clients.

Benefits of Our Preliminary Estimating Services

Contractors are already occupied with lots of work. For example, managing development processes and attending onsite meetings. That’s why it can be overwhelming for them to create estimates.

We offer comprehensive preliminary estimates for all such busy contractors. Additionally, you can get complete construction takeoff for your projects within budget.
We also assist contractors in winning more bids while managing other ongoing projects.
You can take benefit of our preliminary estimating services in the following ways:

  • Instant planning and execution for your project
  • Getting loans and managing your budgets
  • Negotiating with contractors
  • Estimating the total labor and materials cost
  • Preparing for the next phase

Hire our preliminary estimating services to understand better what to expect regarding cost, time, and resources!

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Our Past Experiences

We have professional estimators who have been working on simpler to complex preliminary designs for years. Our estimators have diversified experience in the industry. Further, they are well-equipped with the preliminary estimate of building and other places.
We have provided wonderful preliminary estimating services using our broad construction field knowledge.
You can look at the portfolio of our successful residential, commercial, and other projects to know our past experience.
Moreover, our preliminary estimating services include the detailed cost estimation of contingencies and person-hours. Apart from this, we also estimate labor, fittings, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, superstructures, preliminaries, and internal or external finishes.

Who Are Some of Our Clients?

It doesn’t matter which industry you are in. This is because we ensure to provide the best preliminary cost estimate assistance.
Some of the potential customers we have worked for are:

  • Business owners
  • Investors
  • Engineers
  • Architects
  • Designers
  • Homeowners
  • Subcontractors
  • General contractors

What Makes Us Different From Other Providers?

Our dedication and hard work make us the best preliminary estimate company in the US. Also, we are committed to providing preliminary cost estimations with higher accuracy.
Invest in hiring our qualified estimators to get the first material takeoff and cost estimation for your projects.
In addition, we have a fast turnaround time to deliver your conceptual budget breakdowns quickly.
Determining the anticipated cost for the project is necessary before starting it out. Therefore, we offer the most reliable preliminary estimate in construction, civil, or other projects.
Additionally, our expert estimator team has diverse knowledge to support material takeoff and budget estimation. You can avail of our services in any corner of the US at much more affordable rates.

Let Us Help You Get the Estimate You Need

Submit Your Plan

First, you need to send your project plan, drawings, and other specifications to us. You can submit it at info@biddingestimating.com or call +1 703 794-2732.
You can also visit our “Contact Us” page or complete the form. For that purpose, you need to attach your document file here.

Request A Quote

Now, our expert estimators will provide an initial quote to you. This quote details your construction project’s lead times, pricing, and estimated delivery time.
Furthermore, you can pay through PayPal, debit, or credit cards.

Get Final Estimation

Once our professionals complete the calculations and proper analysis, they will allow us to deliver your estimates.
Lastly, you will get the final estimates in spreadsheets in your format or the one we provided.


Preliminary estimating provides a general idea of the cost required for a construction project. In addition, our experts perform preliminary estimating at the initial stage of the project.

You can avail of many advantages by preliminary estimating. This is because of many reasons. For example, it helps control the expenditure and make budget decisions. Aside from that, it also assists in estimating the total project cost and better managing the project.

Project scope information is important for an accurate preliminary estimate. Therefore, there must be proper knowledge of deliverables and delivery time.

Factors influencing the preliminary estimate include project type, location, cost data, number of bidders, project size and design scopes.