Construction estimators are among the most important yet least recognized partners in the construction process. Construction projects are not assigned with prices without the construction estimator’s job to compile a materials list to determine the estimated cost of a construction project. As simple as it sounds on the surface, construction estimating is tedious, time-consuming, and requires a high level of skill from the estimators. Throughout the article, we will discuss the average cost of hiring a construction estimator for residential and commercial buildings.

Construction estimators have bachelor’s and engineering degrees in a few construction-related fields. Usually, heads of projects belong to civil engineering, and few computer science experts also work in this field for computer work. They also have many other special certifications from local institutes, and no one became a leader in one day. A leader must have high qualifications, expertise, experience, and credentials.

Why you need an estimator

Every field of life has its roles, laws, and specific work codes. Construction is a time and money-making process. Only the builder or constructor ever completes a building process. In any case, if complete, it is not clear how much life the building has, and he also may use extra materials. This extra material will result in wastage, pollution, and a reduction in profit, or he may pay more for a low-quality product.

We will discuss the cost of hiring a commercial construction estimator who is an expert with particular engineering degrees and many certificates from government-recognized organizations. He gives you a concise estimate of material cost with quality guidelines. He measures the life of a building or any project, such as a road or anything. He also checks the need for equipment and labor. It takes some time and extra expense to use the service of an estimator, but it is a long time saving, and estimating companies are responsible for the life of the building. These companies also save you money on material quantity, equipment, and labor.

Sometimes, constructors tell you they need this amount of materials and labor to complete your project on time, and they charge extra. But if you get help from estimating companies, they provide accurate estimates as they should not have personal construction teams and try to benefit your profits.

hire a commercial construction estimator

The average cost to hire a construction estimator

Construction is a process that takes time and requires money. This process does not start suddenly. It requires complete planning, which becomes more complex if the building is used for heavy tasks such as designing and constructing a hospital, which is more difficult than constructing a personal home.

Designing structures on paper or 3D models is complex, and the exact selection of material quality, budget, labor, and equipment is difficult. All high-scale companies get services from cost-estimating companies or sometimes hire personal estimators. However, many people need clarification about whether hiring an individual estimator or outsourcing a project is more beneficial for them.

This paragraph will discuss the cost of hiring a construction estimator’s team to estimate your projects and the cost of outsourcing projects. Continue your reading journey because it will benefit you in decision-making.

The average cost to hire a construction estimator ranges from $3500 to $9000 monthly. This includes consulting and a design that caters to custom services, multiple projects, and countless modifications. But this needs an office, a computer, other helpers, software, and databases.

Instead of the average cost to hire a construction estimator. Outsourcing a project is more beneficial because they charge around $100 for a small project requiring less than one day to estimate. They provide complete guidelines and save you time, extra headaches, and record keeping.

Cost to hire a commercial construction estimator.

Commercial building estimators have the experience and expertise to estimate all types of small, medium, and large commercial businesses. Their experience makes them better at estimating commercial real estate expenses than the average estimator.

Commercial construction cost estimators look at the commercial inventory with an eagle eye, covering every aspect of commercial construction and making move quantities and cost estimates accordingly. Our commercial construction cost estimators are well-experienced in high-rise buildings and warehouses, performing quantitative moves and highly accurate cost estimates that set them apart from pre-construction work.

The cost to hire a commercial estimator is a little. Normally, they charge $44.60 per hour. You can calculate the total pay of an estimator by using these figures. It approximately becomes $7731 per month. And round about $92000 annually. However, you can get services from estimating companies because hiring a commercial construction estimator costs more than hiring one from other companies.

There is a list of different cities of cost of commercial estimators salaries. You can take advantage of them and decide you need a personal team or a service from other companies. But remember one thing: only salary doesn’t matter; other expenses also increase, like you need new systems, software, databases, and offices to establish your team.


Annual Salary Monthly Pay

Hourly Wage

Sunnyvale, CA

$116,048 $9,670


Livermore, CA

$115,988 $9,665


Arlington, VA

$115,539 $9,628 $55.55
Kent, WA $112,491 $9,374


Vacaville, CA

$112,012 $9,334 $53.85
Manhattan, NY $110,825 $9,235


Berkeley, CA

$109,697 $9,141 $52.74
Hillsboro, OR $109,565 $9,130


San Marino, CA

$108,467 $9,038 $52.15
Cambridge, MA $108,068 $9,005


Cost to Hire A residential Construction Estimator.

Home is a heaven for all. Everyone desires his home and house not constructed for a short time like a session or few years. When someone starts it, he wants to make it for a complete life. So, estimating material quality within budget is very important for a home. Many local constructors may provide a cost estimate according to their knowledge and experience. But they need to gain the knowledge to explain the material’s life.

Residential construction estimating calculates all required costs and quality for a construction project, including direct costs (e.g., materials and labor wages) and indirect costs (e.g., equipment depreciation and office worker salaries). So, the cost of hiring a residential construction estimator always matters in construction. They provide you with complete guidance and estimates of material with the help of modern software and their knowledge and experience.

However, many people need to know the cost of hiring a construction estimator in the USA. They sometimes pay extra. But now we are here, so don’t hesitate. We will provide you with the average cost to hire a residential construction estimator.

Typically, for small homes that get only a few hours to complete the estimation process, estimating companies charge less than $100; for a large house but not too large, they charge up to $200. 


What is the average salary of construction estimators in the United States?

A construction estimator usually earns up to $7000 per month. The average salary can be changed with time, location, and expertise level. So, if you want to hire a personal estimator, remember something extra than this average rate.

What are the best-paying sectors for construction estimators?

Construction managers earn the highest salary. But this designation needs expertise with experience. If you want to reach this position, work with patience, enhance your skills, and get knowledge from the lower level. You can achieve this stage after years of experience and expertise with no competitor level.

In NYC, how much do construction estimators make?

New York is an expensive city, so the earnings of this city in any field are more than those of other cities in the USA. For this, a construction estimator earns nearly $7500, which differs from other cities’ average pay. If you are from any other city and want to move to NYC for high earning, remember this in your mind.

Do construction project managers need any experience?

You need both education and experience to start a career as a construction project manager. To begin a Construction Project Manager, you usually need a construction management qualification and five years of relevant work experience.

Is the demand for estimators high?

A career as an estimator gives you numerous opportunities to grow in the field or move to related roles. With your qualifications and experience as a cost estimator, you can become a project manager, contracts manager, or quality assurance manager. It is highly demanding because the construction industry has a 10 billion-dollar budget. They always need estimators to spend this budget.

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