MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) estimating work is an essential part of the design process. It is an important aspect in ensuring that the structure and working environment comply with local building codes and is cost-effective. However, getting accurate information in a timely manner from your MEP estimator can be a challenging and time-consuming task. Particularly when dealing with an inexperienced estimator or inexperienced project team. However, in this article, we help you discover hidden costs, reduce your project risks and bring in a solution on time and within budget.

What is MEP estimating?

MEP design is nothing but a complete package of various designs. It is basically a mixture of electrical, mechanical, and plumbing designs to get the most suitable layout. Additionally, in regard to the space available, cost, resources, and other factors, you need the help of MEP estimators. However, online MEP estimating services are completely reliable, they are prepared by experienced MEP estimating engineers using up-to-date cost estimation standards, data, techniques, and software. The fully documented MEP estimate affords clients complete assurance that all aspects have been covered and performed to the highest professional standard of practice. 

Who Provides MEP Estimation Services?

MEP estimators work for large companies that specialize in one type of service, such as mechanical contracting or plumbing. Or they work for large general contractors who provide many construction estimating services. These estimators are usually engineers, but some companies hire people with just a high school diploma. They have been trained in-house on how to calculate MEP expenses. So they must be good at math and have impressive communication skills. Since they need to ‌ explain complicated technical concepts to people who might not have much background knowledge of those areas. We also have a group of experienced and talented individuals who will give you technical support and more to know about your project. Our team can help you do the work better and faster since we can learn from all your projects.

What do our MEP estimators provide to customers?

  1. Measure, establish and review the requirements that are necessary to perform the project to ensure they are appropriate.
  2. Communicate with ‌clients in order to determine any exceptions or address any issues that may arise.
  3. Calculate quotes and costs that are based on the labor.
  4. Review quotes and costs against the initial requirements
  5. Develop a schedule that uses all required resources efficiently by checking potential conflicts and resolving issues.

Get a simple & accurate MEP process

Our company MEP estimates process consists of the following phases:

Inspection and analysis

 As soon as our client defines a project for construction our experts and we give them an estimate for the job. However, as with any estimate, the client needs to provide a realistic budget that is supported by financial data. The next step is to do an inspection of a site and make some calculations to understand the physical complexities of the site. In the case of large projects that go beyond one building, our specialists have to consider the ‌ramifications of the project.

Engineers of MEP estimating provide accurate calculation

An MEP engineer is the most fundamental person in an MEP estimating process. An expert who draws up a building design and writes a comprehensive estimation of all building elements considers an engineer. Also, he has a direct association with the eventual cost of building construction. In addition, to prepare a reliable and detailed document ‌he can use as a foundation for a company’s future construction or renovation projects. However, it is imperative to involve professionals and experienced people like us in the course of the research process. That’s why, we aim to provide services in several industries, like power construction, telecommunications, marine engineering, and architecture.

How do they affect a construction project?

In order for you to have an accurate estimate for your project, you need to know exactly what types of systems will install in your home or business before any work begins. We install such a system at your doorstep responsibly. However, our MEP estimators also take into consideration all the costs associated with these systems. Including labor costs, materials needed, and other expenses that go hand-in-hand with installing them correctly. So that everything runs smoothly during construction timeframes.

Tools & techniques used to get MEP estimates

An accurate MEP estimating service is necessary for a building to get the final costing and budget preparation process. Despite the fact that there are many methods that now you can use in the estimation of MEP. Although, actual measuring of the real work is by far the most common and authentic analysis method of MEP costs. Different methods like, top-down estimating, bottom-up estimating, and parametric estimating are some methods that we used to calculate estimated MEP expenses. There are several companies that provide these services and we are one of them.

 However, a common mistake in the calculation of MEP estimating software is that many companies include the equipment price with the installation cost. The software package price will be higher than this estimated amount. Therefore, accurate and professional estimations we made are with the help of computer software programs. Our team’s passion is to provide work better so that we will complete it on time. Hence, we are available around the clock to assist you anytime. 

3D modeling & Bid analysis

We use computer software to create three-dimensional models of buildings or other structures. That our estimator uses as part of an MEP estimating calculation. It is because it is a very common method employed today. This allows construction companies to visualize what their design will look like before construction begins. Which helps them make better decisions about which materials we need for each part of the structure. Contractors who work on large projects, such as office buildings or shopping centers typically use this type of approach. 

Difference between an amateur and professional

MEP estimating or Mechanical Electrical Plumbing (electrical + plumbing + HVAC) is not just about installing something. In fact, it’s about managing the construction process. A good estimator is someone that sees more than just walls and floors. He/she sees people, deadlines, quality, and relationships with the architect, owner, subcontractors, and suppliers. We ‌provide quality estimators who possess these qualities. However, the fundamental difference between a professional estimator and an amateur one is that an amateur just estimates expenses. 

Whereas, a professional knows how to manage time and bring projects in on time, within budget, and at the highest quality standards. Moreover, The ability to manage time comes from experience performing as PE/CM on many design-build private sector construction projects. We also deal with deliveries, scheduling of trades, quality control issues, and trying to keep everyone on board with the same aim. 


To conclude, MEP estimating is a process of the expenditures required to provide MEP products and services. Before any MEP project can begin, an estimate of the total costs associated with such projects  provides a budget report. However, this estimate must include a detailed account of all expenditures iInvolved in such projects. We make sure that we properly accounted for all resources allocated for the project and diligently monitored throughout the project execution cycle.

MEP estimating is an important part of the construction industry. It is also a complex process since there are many components and variables involved. In this article, we will look at some ‌basics of MEP estimation. We will begin by looking at what MEPs are, how they work, and how they affect a construction project. Then we will look at some common questions that people have about MEP estimation.

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