Are you also wondering about building a house in Texas?

Texas is now being famous for residential purposes. Most people are taking an interest in Texas property. It is due to the growing business industry, low income and sales taxes, and many other facilities.

If you are also interested in living in Texas but do not know the cost to build a house in Texas, read the article. We have discussed each factor in detail that will impact your construction budget. Moreover, we have also guided our readers about making a construction plan according to different prices and their budget capacity. Read the article to know more!

Average Cost to Build a House in Texas

Generally, the average cost to build a house in Taxes has increased in past years. The cost now lies between $250,000 to $400,000, depending on the size of the place and construction type. If you still need clarification, remember that most low-cost houses in a rural area cost $64,000, and most high-cost houses cost $1,000,000 in Taxes. For further guidance, look at the following table:

National Average Cost $325K
Average Range $250K-$400K
Low-End 64K
High-End $1M

The price also varies according to the house’s location. For example, with the same area and project type, the house will be low price in Austin and will be high in Sant Antonio. Look in the following table:

Austin $69,000 – $1.5M
Dallas $18,000 – $900,000
Fort Worth $55,000-$800,000
Houston $15,000 – $2.7M
San Antonio $24,000 – $400,000

Therefore, you must see the house’s location before estimating its price.

Average Cost to Build a House in Texas

Factors that affect the cost of building a house in Texas

Several factors can affect the overall cost of building a house in Texas. Following is the list of factors that can impact your budget:

  • Area of the Property

The price per square foot to build a house in Taxes lies between $80 and $200 per square foot. A shorter area means less cost and a bigger area means high cost. This further depends on the type of house you want to build. The average size of houses in Taxes is 2500 sq foot. Further, the list of prices according to the area of property is given below:

Area of Property Cost of Building
1000 sq. ft $80k – $150k
15,00 sq. ft $150k – $300k
2,000 sq. ft $160k – $300k
25,00 sq. ft $200k – $375k
3,000 sq. ft $240k – $450k
3,500 sq. ft $280k – $525k
4,000 sq. ft $320k – $600k
5,000 sq. ft $500k – $750k
  • Number of Bedrooms

The number of bedrooms also plays a vital role in the cost of a house. In Taxes, on average, there are three rooms in most houses of a standard size. Besides that, the cost range also varies for modular ( $52K – $450K) houses and stick-build ($65K – $660K) according to their number of bedrooms.

In short, if you want more rooms in your home, this means a bigger area, more material required for construction, and more labor. Sounds like something costly!

The way prices vary according to the number of houses is given below in the following table:

Number of Rooms Price of House 
With 1 Bedroom $52k – $180k
With 2 Bedrooms $110 – $360
With 3 Bedrooms $220 – $580
With 4 Bedrooms $270 – $660
  • Type of Construction Style

If you want to build a custom home by following a different construction style, you must pay accordingly. With simple to elegant and complicated construction styles, the prices vary for modular houses, $50K to $ 475K, and $32 to $750 for stick-built houses. Each style has different property sizes, interior requirements, and material type requirements. In the following table, we have given a pricing analysis for different types of construction.

Construction Style Price
Tiny House $20K – $35K
Ranch $200K – $237K
Farmhouse $250K – $350K
Tudor $260K – $337K
Mediterranean $250K – $300K
Guest House $250K – $310K
Spanish $250K – $375K
Victorian $250K – $400K
  • Number of Stories

The price also depends on the number of stories you want. If you want to build a story house, the price will be less than two or three stories. Therefore, plan the house stories according to the price trends and your budget. So, if you want to build a house of 2,500 sq. ft with one, two, and three stories at the same place with the same construction style, their prices will vary according to the following table:

Number of Stories  Cost of House 
1 Story $200k – $250K
Two Stories $250K – $287K
Three Stories $337K – $375K

How can I Control the Cost of a House in Texas?

You need expert services to reduce the cost to build a house in Texas. For example, during house construction, you must buy construction materials, one of the two major budget-consuming areas. Instead of buying materials in bulk, try to get material takeoff services for your house. It will reduce the material cost and keep you from buying unnecessary materials in bulk for waste.

Similarly, the takeoff estimator will also provide an estimated labor cost to protect you from budget disturbance. Moreover, with an exact cost analysis, there is no chance of being distracted from the budget timeline.

Control the Cost of a House

Pros and cons of building a house in Texas

There are several advantages of living in Texas as compared to the other areas, such as:


  1. In Texas, income tax is relatively lower than in other states. This is a good thing, especially if you are a businessman, which means you have to pay less tax on your business. Moreover, the sales tax is also low at 6.25%.
  2. Renting in Texas is also lower than in other states. As a two-bedroom apartment will only cost you $415.
  3. Texas has several educational centers; you do not need to move your place for educational purposes.
  4. The business industry is also growing day by day, which means there are a lot of job opportunities in Taxes for you.


  1. Summers in Texas can be harsher than you think. So, if you are planning to move to Texas, be ready for heat waves.
  2. You will need personal transportation to travel around the state due to its size.
  3. Be ready for Hurricane Exposures.


What is the average cost to build a house in Texas?

The average cost to build a house with an average size of 2,500 sq. ft is $250k – $400k. However, the cost usually depends on several other factors, such as location, property size, and construction style.

What are the most important factors that affect the cost of building a house in Texas?

There are several factors, such as construction style, number of rooms, and stories you want for your house. Moreover, the size of the property and location also matter a lot.

How can I save money on building a house in Texas?

You need to take the services of an estimator to reduce the overall cost of the construction project. The estimator will find the best budget solutions to reduce material and labor costs.

Is it cheaper to build or buy a house in Texas?

It depends on the area of the house and the style of construction you want to opt for your project to see how much it will cost you. Moreover, the property taxes and permit payments also impact on cost of construction, which is low in Texas as compared to other states.

How long does it take to build a house in Texas?

On average, it will take 6 to 8 months to complete a house in Texas. However, if the construction is complicated and the size of the property is bigger than average it will take more time.

How much does it cost to build a 2000 sq ft house in Texas?

It will cost $160k to $300K to build a 2000 sq. ft house in Texas.

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